Durer Shotblast, LLC, is a leading provider of high-quality concrete preparation services in Ohio, specializing in restoration shot blasting of on-site concrete flat work. General contractors, engineers and architects agree that surface preparation is one the critical elements of most construction restoration projects. Improper surface preparation can lead to micro-cracking, uneven adhesion of materials, and early failure of concrete resurfacing projects.

Durer Shotblast is based out of Loudonville, Ohio. Our efficient, professional process and tailored customer service has made us a favorite among a growing number of contractors throughout the Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Pennsylvania, and Kentucky service area. Durer’s innovative technology and equipment, guided by the hands of our skilled and experienced technicians, results in the production of a clean and profiled concrete surface that meets or exceeds the product application specifications required by adhesive and coating manufacturers.

To learn more, call our owner, Micah Justice, directly, at (567) 203-7714. We will be happy to answer any questions and offer free project consultation and estimates.

Meet The Owner

Durer Shotblast LLC was created by owner Micah Justice to serve a unique market niche in the concrete restoration industry. Shot blast equipment utilizes very high voltages (i.e. three-phase 480 volt) in order to concentrate and direct small steel pellets into concrete surfaces at extremely high velocities. As a result, the many components of the shot blasting equipment are pushed to the limits of their strength-of-material and design capability. Therefore, Durer believes that constant and personalized attention to equipment maintenance and repair is an essential component to achieving our quality goal of “doing the job right, the first time and on-time”.

To that end Durer’s extensive metal-working and machine shop has also been employed in ongoing Research and Development projects that have resulted in numerous and innovative equipment “first-in-the-industry” which have increased job-site productivity.

Durer has designed, fabricated and implemented the use of a proprietary dust off-loading, containment, and transportation-disposal system that no other shot blasting company uses. This innovative equipment increases worker productivity as well as increases job-site safety by radically reducing any need for manual contact or open exposure to potentially toxic concrete dust.

Shot Blasting Services

Durer focuses primarily on shot blasting. It is the single most productive and effective surface preparation process. But we have never been shy about experimenting, exploring the limits of this technology or finding other solutions to unique and challenging surface preparation projects. If you have an especially challenging project… call us… we love brain-storming.

Here are just a few of the kinds of projects where shot blasting plays an important role:

  • Parking garage floor repair preparation
  • Clean and prepare cement surface prior to the application of a coating/paint/resin
  • Removal of old coatings and rubber from roads/runways (up to 2-3 mm screed or 1 mm epoxy)
  • Warehouse floor restoration
  • Removal of markings from roads or industrial floors
  • Commercial building floor renovation
  • Regeneration of surface grip (to improve road and runway safety)
  • And more!

Efficient, Effective Turnkey Shot Blasting

Durer Shot-Blast LLC understands that efficiency, productivity and job-site co-operation creates greater project profitability for everyone. Time costs money when it comes to construction projects. Our goal is to provide a Turn-Key shot-blasting solution that is seen as a superior value compared to any other available option.

This picture illustrates a Durer project in which it took a bit MORE than merely shot-blasting to efficiently prepare this concrete surface!

  • Durer has developed a unique process for expediting the job-site pre-production equipment set-up and post-production equipment pack-up. This logistical innovation allows Durer to accomplish more shot-blasting production in a shorter “window” of on-site physical presence.
  • Durer employs TWO made-in-the-USA Blastrac shot blasting machines – 20” and 30” – whose combined production rate can approach 8,000 square feet per hour.
  • All of our shot-blast equipment is fitted with the standard manufacture’s vacuum dust collection systems. In addition, Durer’s proprietary continuous containment system for off-loading, transporting and final job-site deposit of the “bagged” concrete-dust-for-disposal results an a virtually dust-free work environment.
  • We understand the occasional demand for late-night and week-end shot-blasting work… (e.g. the unique requirements of some parking garage projects). When general contractors are faced with very difficult scheduling constraints, Durer seeks to be a low-stress solution in those high-stress situations.
  • Durer brings a mini-Bobcat skid-steer to the job-site as a key element in our equipment loading, unloading and dust off-loading process. Therefore,we rarely need the General Contractor to supply a Bobcat, crane or lull ( to move concrete dust to job-site dumpsters or lift heavy shot blast equipment over small barriers or uneven terrain).  Durer’s complete control over each step of the shot-blasting operation is designed to offer General Contractors the benefit of a low stress Turn-Key shot blast solution.

Reliable Concrete Prep With Durer Shotblast!

If you are looking for a shot-blast provider in the Mid-Northeastern United States area, then we are also looking for you! We would be honored to be at your service. Call us at (567) 203-7714, or fill out our online request form!