For nearly 10 years, Durer Shotblast, LLC, has been a leading provider of concrete surface preparation services for customers throughout the Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Pennsylvania, and Kentucky areas.

Since 2010, our mission has been to provide general contractors with cost-competitive and creative solutions for their concrete surface preparation needs. By combining experienced technicians with proven/reliable equipment and a job-site customer-first orientation Durer LLC offers a turnkey shot blast solution that gets the job done right, the first time and on time!

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Concrete Shot Blasting Services

Durer specializes in shot blasting industrial scale concrete flat work. However, in response to growing customer demand, Durer Shotblast is slowly evolving into a wider-option surface preparation contractor for the concrete floor coatings and adhesives industry. Our services are targeted toward projects such as parking garages, industrial lots, commercial building floors, parking decks, etc.
Many engineers, architects and general contractors prefer the shot blasting process because it uses steel shot to remove a small surface layer of concrete without compromising the remaining under-portion of the concrete surface. This process of cleaning and profiling (i.e. creating surface “roughness”) the concrete provides the ideal pre-condition for installing new water-barrier coatings, membrane overlays or epoxy toppings.

Shot Blasting Benefits include:

  • Eliminating the need for environmentally harsh chemicals
  • Less cleanup than other concrete preparation methods
  • Durer’s unique dust containment and disposal process
  • More environmentally friendly than other surface preparation alternatives
  • Higher production rates
  • Uniform surface (profile) pattern/consistency
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoors projects
  • Increases longevity of protective surface coatings
  • Promotion of superior adhesion of coatings

Comprehensive Shot Blast Solutions

As a turnkey shot blast company, Durer Shotblast arrives on-site with:

  • a (mobile) electrical power generator,
  • shot blasting equipment and
  • logistical equipment-moving machinery.

The only thing that Durer requires from the General Contractor is access to a “broom-swept” open and unrestricted work area.

We work for you and therefore we welcome an audience of observers monitoring the quality of our work…(as long as all authorized observers maintain a safe distance way from the blaster unit while in operation and are wearing safety glasses and ear protection).

  • Professional Contractor: Durer, LLC is carries a $4,000,000 Completed Operations Aggregate Limit and a $1,000,000 Per Each Occurrence Limit of General Liability Insurance coverage.
  • Job-Site Equipment Transportation: The Durer shot-blast system is self-contained and routinely transports shot blast equipment up the many decks of a parking garage and over the uneven terrain of construction sites.   Only rarely does Durer encounter the need for General Contractor assistance in moving shot blast equipment from one area to another on the construction job-site.
  • Rapid Production: In large high-production-rate projects, Durer employs the simultaneous operation of both it’s 20” and 30” shot blast machines.  Our experience indicates that our “walk-behind” machines individually match the production rates of the larger “rider” shot-blast machines.
  • Shot Cleanup: Durer utilizes the Bluestreak “Push Type” magnet sweeper system for retrieving stray steel shot from a finished floor. For most outside projects, a portable “blower” system can also be utilized to dislodge stray steel shot from recessed corners and deep crevices.
  • Concrete (Silica) Dust Disposal: In addition to the standard dust-containing vacuum system designed into the Blastrac shot-blast equipment by the manufacturer, Durer uses a proprietary dust containment system. This Durer process automatically contains and “bags” the discharge concrete dust as it is emptied from the Blastrac vacuum unit. This process eliminates any air-borne dust release during the transportation of the contained dust to the disposal job-site dumpster.  In addition, this system assures that the contained “packaged dust” stays contained after it is deposited into the open dumpster container.

Premium, Made-In-The-USA Shot Blasting Equipment

Durer uses made-in-the-USA, state-of-the-art shot blast equipment manufactured by Blastrac; a widely recognized global leader in portable surface preparation technologies and equipment.

We have utilized these shot blast machines to successfully tackle some of the most difficult projects. See the illustration shown below.

  • Durer utilizes two, 480 Volt (three-phase power) shot blasters
  • Our 20” and 30” Blastrac machine have a combined 8 hour average production rate of over 4,000 sq ft per hour
  • These machines are ideal for medium to large industrial-scale jobs
  • These machines are known for their “high hitting capacity” and uniform profiling

Durer Shotblast, LLC offers comprehensive concrete shot blasting services that can be customized to meet your unique concrete preparation requirements. We work in alignment with the strategy and goals of the general contractors to get the job done right from the customer’s perspective – whether that means working late nights, double-shifts or weekend work.

Contact us at (567) 203-7714 for more information or to request a quote on your next shot blasting project.